Annual Progressive Supper Saturday June 4

Date:        Saturday June 4

Event:     Annual Progressive Supper

The Progressive Supper is an annual Mid Can social evening. Its full of food and fun and amazing swimmers!  It’s a great chance to socialize with your club members and get to know the members in all the lanes.  

The itinerary  will be:

1)  5 PM Appetizers  at Francie Palmer’s house at 5 Iroquis Bay in Niakawa Park.

2) 6:30 PM Main Course at Laurie McCallum’s house at 30 Ferndale Ave in Norwood Flats.

3) 8:00 PM Dessert at Mary Ann Mork’s house at 38 Hyatt Pl in Meadowood. 

So far, on the sign up poster, we have 3 people bringing appetizers, 4 people bringing main course/ salad and 3 persons bringing dessert.        .

The poster will be on the workout board at the next several practices so that more members can sign up. 

If you would like to come and have not been able to sign the poster with your food contribution to the evening, please email Carrie Smith at    or call me at 204-781-5903