May 14th 2016 Mid Can’s Annual Progressive Dinner

This years Annual Progressive Supper has been set for Saturday, May 14, 2015. . For our new members, this event is the high point of Mid-Can’s social calendar. The particol2cipants meet at one home for the appetizers, a second home for the main course, and finish at a third home for desserts.Mark this in your calendars so you don’t miss it. Some years the homes have been close enough to walk, bicycle, or even canoe from home to home. The food is potluck, so prior to the event there will be a sign up posted on the bulletin board at the pool for participants to sign up and list whether they’ll bring an appetizer, a main course, or a dessert.    email Carrie Smith.


Those that host one of the courses do not need to bring food! Participants should bring their own plates, utensils, and beverages.







Bomber Game Swim Practice Cancellations

Bomber Game Swim Practice Cancellations July 14 and July 21

This season there are 2 Blue Bomber games which conflict with our swim practices.
Bomber schedule lists games on Thursday July 14, and Thursday July 21, 2016.
The practices on those 2 Thursday evenings will be cancelled.

Other events at IGF can be an issue as well. None are scheduled so far this season.