Club Details


We do not have a coach and do not plan to hire one at this time.  Workouts will be provided by the members of the executive at each practice.

 Swim Meets

Club members have the opportunity to enter swim meets during course of the year. These meets offer members the chance to test their swimming abilities in a friendly non-competitive atmosphere.

 It is unlikely there will be any meets in Manitoba for the 2021-2022 season.

The list of local held under normal conditions swim meets:

    Pop Sidwell 
    Nationals – held at different locations across Canada

Social Activities

The club holds certain social activities during the course of the year. We usually have a pizza night after Thursday’s practice if Friday is a holiday.

A tradition is the annual Progressive Supper held in May of each year. Informal weekly activities include breakfast after Saturday morning practice and beers and nachos after Thursday night practice.

On Sundays during the spring & summer, some club members will get together to go cycling. During the winter, some club members will get together to go cross-country skiing on Sundays.


If you have any questions about the club, you can contact the clubA member of the club executive will get back to you within a week.

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Access to the Joyce Fromson Pool (25 meter lanes and a diving tank) is through the Frank Kennedy building at the University of Manitoba.

The University requires everyone who swims with MidCan to be insured.  For MidCan, our members are registered with CIMS for insurance, and MSM.  New members will be required to pay the $15 CIMS/MSM fee.  They may pay for one month of swimming with MidCan.  If they continue after one month the monthly payment will be applied in full to an annual or term payment.
Swipe cards will be required.  After members register with MidCan, our registrar will inform the University.  Members can then arrange for a card at the front desk of the Active Living Center when they come to swim.  Members must submit the University’s Covid Waiver at that time.  If members have a card already, they must submit the Covid waiver to the front desk at their first swim.”

 You will need to supply your own lock. There is often parking available in the lot in front of the building. If not there are many other lots in the area. (Check the map at the University of Manitoba link above). New swimmers can join us at any practice.