New Members

If you are a new member, welcome to the club. If you are a returning swimmer, we are
glad to see you back. The swimming year is from September 1 to August 31.
There are 2 categories of Members:

  1. Regular. There are a variety of options for Regular swimmers.
    Swimmers who opt for one swim or two swims a week may choose any
    swim(s) and can vary the choice from week to week. Missed swims
    cannot be carried forward to another week.
  2. Student: Full time Students. Students may swim one, two or three times per week.

For regular swimmers, there are a variety of payment options. All fees are listed on
the registration form.

Swimmers may pay for the whole year, in two terms (September to February and
March to August.), monthly, or some combination of term and monthly. Swimmers may
choose the payment method that is most suitable for them and methods may be changed.
Swimmers may select a term payment and then monthly payments for the other term. A
swimmer who pays monthly does not have to pay for any month where he/she will not
swim. A swimmer who selects term or monthly payments may vary the number of swims
from month to month, or from term to term.

With these payment options, fees will not be prorated for returning members. They
will be prorated for new swimmers who join after October 1. The only exception will be
for swimmers who wish to increase the number of swims per week and are paying
annually or by term. There will be no refunds for swimmers who decrease their swims
per week.

Swimmers who select term or monthly payments are required to provide post-dated
cheques, unless they are paying by e-transfer or cash. Once payment is deposited, there
will be no refunds except under exceptional circumstances. Swimmers who provide postdated cheques must contact the treasurer in advance if they will not be swimming and
don’t want the cheque to be cashed.

Three pages from the registration forms must be signed and returned to the club
registrar: The registration form with swimmers information, the waiver form, and the
PIPEDA form. New swimmers should consult with their doctor if there are any concerns.
e-transfer payments must be made on time to: